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GO EST Agro division makes reality a foreign enterprise's integration in Russian agroindustrial complex, facilitating all aspects of the international investment and trading processes


Agriculture plays a very important role in life and economy of the Russian Federation and other agricultural oriented countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) (ex USSR), such as Belarus and Kazakhstan (that constitute the Customs Union). The Russian Government undertakes important measures to develop and further reinforce the Russian agricultural sector, to improve and modernize the agricultural production in Russia carrying out favourable policy, adopting state programs in different agro industry branches.

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It is difficult to underestimate the supporting effect of Industry Associations and Unions in following and completing the Government's strategy, pursuing Russian agro producers' interests.
One of important institutions in Russian agricultural and food production sectors is the National Union of Food Exporters, a non-profit organization related to Russian state structures: Ministries and Duma committees and administrative bodies, as well as public organizations, guilds and sectoral associations. The NUFE aims to strengthen the role of the Russian Federation in the World Food system, influencing Food production, promoting auspicious to Russian exporters measures, defending the members' interests.

A foreign enterprise's successful introduction into the Russian agribusiness is quite difficult without an official support. Russian official structures are hardly accessible for foreign legal entities, national companies' interests being primarily guarded.

GO EST Agency acquires the function of the operative link between foreign businesses aspiring to approach the Russian agroindustrial complex, the Russian agricultural market and national supervising institutions:

a gate of access to the Russian agribusiness community and state structures.

GO EST Agency has accentuated its strong orientation to the agricultural sector and more extended involvement in it, promoting related services, agricultural projects and Russian grain export (read more: Trading).

GO EST Agro division provides:

  • investment consulting:
    • ~ identifying agribusiness infrastructure investment opportunities in Russia;
    • ~ presentation of highly profitable agricultural investment projects in Russia;
    • ~ introducing foreign investors to the Russian agribusiness community;
    • ~ deal sourcing / matchmaking / business partner / investor search for foreign
         agricultural projects to be implemented on the Russian territory;
  • assistance in overcoming administrative blocks in Russian agribusiness field;
  • financing consulting to Russian entrepreneurs:
    • ~ facilitating of project financing obtainment by agricultural projects on the Russian/CIS
         territory through European banks, export credit agencies and investment funds'
         involvement, at most favourable conditions;
  • land acquisition, land leases;
  • certification in Russia facilitation;
  • Russian market entry services for agricultural and food & beverage production machinery and equipment;
  • access to the Russian Grain market:
    • ~ procurement & sourcing of agricultural products (read more: Trading);
    • ~ brokerage in agricultural commodities' trading;
  • agricultural products' supplies (read more: Commodities Russia):
    • ~ Russian grain export;
    • ~ Russian agro products' international promotion and new markets' development;
    • ~ physical agro products' import/export.

In the current situation of the World population upsurge and food shortages it is difficult to overestimate the role of supplies of such essential strategical products as wheat and flour for bread baking, sugar, vegetable oils, fodder to countries in need of them.
Russia, ranking one of the World's largest wheat exporters, has excellent prospects to supply milling wheat to consuming it countries.

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Russia has some of the most fertile soil on earth. The famous "black soil belt" region supplies a variety of essential agro products all over the World. A great square of land for agricultural use lies free, available for cultivation.

Do favour by fantastic opportunities acquiring agricultural land in Russia for launching and implementation of agricultural projects, finding important business possibilities, assisted, followed, promoted and secured by GO EST Agency! Acquisition and sale of commercial and industrial sites' operations are as well supported.

GO EST represents valid investment projects in Russia and the CIS in the most attractive sectors of economy, such as agriculture, oil industry, mining, development, modern technologies. The prospects are vast and workable, local administrative support assured.

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Russia with its enormous square of agricultural cultivated land and steadily improving economy remains a promising market for agricultural machinery.
A strong Company agricultural / food industry machinery/equipment producer with GO EST's promotional assistance can achieve great marketing results.
Basing on our matured experience on the Russian market, ever enriched administrative resource, as well as on a number of professional tools and strategies and an extensive net of collaborators in main Russian regions, we take a responsibility to elaborate and put through a complete successful marketing campaign in Russia.
Further extending the service of attracting most advantageous financing & export lending to Russian business projects, GO EST considers collaboration with those producers / funds / Export Credit Agencies and Banks who have a possibility to draw or provide export financing to Russia/CIS.

The Russian agribusiness is rapidly improving and goes far:
catch the right moment to ensure you a brilliant future in it!

Contact GO EST Agro division at: agro@go-est.com.

Press release:      “AGRUS” Agri-Food Russia

“AGRUS” Agri-Food Russia, published by the National Union of Food Exporters, is a useful informative review for agribusiness professionals, a source of valuable information about the Russian agribusiness, the best media covering the Russian agri-food export matters.

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