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GO EST is an international agency realising
physical commodity brokerage and import export activity

effective connector between goods' producers and consumers

Russia is famous as a country producer of raw materials that it is rich for, its role in the World’s energy resources provision is unsurpassed. The earth contains and produces riches. The demand for Russian commodities is high; dealing with them reveals important business prospects and often a vital necessity for consumers. It is easy to transact with Russia from one point of view: big reputable Russian producers and exporters are very reliable and well integrated in international supply chains. With this knowledge foreign customers and investors are eager to enter the market. The point lays in getting an access and establishing business relations with credible partners, not hitting on those who are not. Regretfully an inexperienced foreign corporation falls upon 80% of the second type. A "Russian roulette"?
Yes, without a competent local support! The problem should be taken seriously as an abortive attempt might result in such troubles as loss of time, reputation and financial failure.

To assure oneself a working connection with the trustworthy Russian raw material supplier and not get hit with the unlucky shot of the "roulette", an important task is to find the verified accessible direct commodity exporter, thoroughly preselected and connected by a trusted link backed by an official structure (the Industry Association, Union, etc.), as well as to prove the Customer's credibility. GO EST Agency serves such connection link for foreign enterprises looking for commercial partners in Russia.
Establishing of a Branch office or a Representation in Russia is an efficient support, in some sectors indispensable. It builds a strong image and reliability for the foreign corporation. Locally integrated assistance and guidance is essential. GO EST Agency assumes the function of organization and integration of the Branch in Russia. The following market success makes it worth investing.

GO EST is involved in foreign trade operations acting as:
  • sourcing & procurement agency;
  • Buyer/Seller representative;
  • trader in physical agri-food products (exporter);
  • dealer of selected products.

The main fields of involvement are: agricultural sector and oil sector.


The well-deserved fame and appreciation of Russian agricultural products are due to their high quality as well as to professional ability of Russian producers and traders to bring them to market, supplying the entire World with quality food raw materials, winning other nation's players with best price/quality ratio. Still, the demand for Russian agro commodities is ever growing. Russia’s entry in the WTO has further integrated the country into the global context of trading of agricultural products.

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International Export agency GO EST is strongly oriented and involved in the agricultural sector, promoting quality Russian export agricultural products, food raw materials.
Active member of the Russian National Union of Food Exporters, it is an approved exporter by the Russian Foreign Trade portal, included in the Russian Export Catalogue.

GO EST Agro Division provides direct regular supplies of genuine physical agro products originated Russia, Kazakhstan (Customs Union) of categories: grains, pulses, oils, oilseeds, sugar.

GO EST Agency, in partnership with Russian exporters, enjoys privileged connections with a range of producing and processing companies in Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, India, Middle East and other countries, in charge for Customer, Public and Government Relations.
Leading Russian and Kazakh agro producers entrust us their products' representation and export.
GO EST Agro division sees to all aspects of international trade process, following strict rules, granting Customer oriented policy, flexible prices, vast availability, significant industrial lots and affordable logistics.

Ability and experience allow us to supply substantial quantities of Russian grain, oilseeds, pulses, meat to any (safe) country's market, including overseas countries, supported by national Foreign Trade Promotional structures.
An intense international development is being carried out, enlarging markets up to Latin America, MENA Region, Far East Countries and all Asia, Africa, etc.
We are ambitious to satisfy the markets' needs with quality Russian wheat (other agricultural products) by fair dealing, strictly fulfilling contractual obligations.


(human consumption / animal feed)
wheat (soft milling wheat),
corn / meal,
wheat flour;
soybean / meal;

Edible & Technical Oils:
sunflower oil,
rapeseed oil,
soybean oil,
cooking oil;
sunflower / meal,
flax seeds;
beet sugar,
cane sugar ICUMSA 45 (Brazil),
raw sugar (Cuba); etc.

* Russian agricultural products are non-transgenic (non-GMO/Genetically Modified Organisms).

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Download brochure: Products' Specifications English
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Download: Foreign Trade Procedure

Delivery by sea, by air, by land.

Welcome direct collaboration with Mills, Pasta Producers, Oilseed Crush Plants, other Food & Feed processors! GO EST & partners furnish them to the best advantage, aimed to the Customer's satisfaction, meeting its requirements, guaranteed!

The commercial collaboration is based on respect to the Customer corporate policy, turned to further business' prosperity, contributing to national economies.
Take full advantage of our experience and capability in sourcing commodities, allowing our professional team to work for you!

A detailed Letter of Intent enables us to elaborate a Soft Offer in shortest terms.
Formal requests only are taken into consideration: download request form
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Please send requests at: agro@go-est.com.


GO EST Agency provides assistance in direct trading with Russia through local support and involvement in the sourcing process: guiding the Client and procuring direct genuine export contracts and SPOT deals.

The important field of the provided brokerage service is the Russian petroleum sector.
Russia is famous for its oil & gas resources. The GO EST Agency serves the missing link to the Russian oil business for foreign petroleum and other raw materials traders.

The oil business does not need advertising. Neither do Russian petroleum products (petroleum derivates). There is a constant deficit of the resources, they are hardly accessible. Many corporations desire to enter in the field of interests of important Russian petroleum products' exporters, with vain efforts.

To enter the Russian petroleum/derivates export market it is necessary a strong credibility, the physical presence of the business in Russia (a Trade Representation / Branch Office in Moscow is a must), a long process of building of commercial relations, still all this is not sufficient. The outlook remains uncertain.
In Russian business certain level personal relations count much and often are decisive.

The GO EST structure enjoys high level connections in the Russian petroleum & derivates market; it is ready to organize the export business in Russia for a raw materials' trader through its established Representative/Branch office in Moscow.

We do not promise impossible operations.

The GO EST Agency gets involved in petroleum products' procurement process only for the part of Companies who open a Trade Representation or a Branch Office in Moscow.

Branches, subsidiaries' and representative offices' establishment and organization in Russia, Moscow, including legal support and personnel provision or recruiting, lays in the sphere of activity of GO EST Agency.
Feel free to address a non-binding request why open a Trade Representation in Russia: detailed grounds and approximate costs.

Trading with Russia (export of Russian petroleum products) gets significantly facilitated for those enterprises who acquire a little/medium oilfield in Russia or a transhipment base on the Black Sea; GO EST Agency is proud to present such assets to foreign companies and individual investors interested in Russian petroleum / gas business. Available to follow and manage the acquired business.

GO EST represents valid investment projects in Russia and the CIS in the most attractive sectors of economy, such as agriculture, oil industry, mining, development, modern technologies.

Your interest is:
buying Russian grain, Russian wheat, Russian forage, Russian export supplies, sourcing commodities Russia, agro products Russia, Russian reliable supplier, Russian raw materials' access;
Trade Representation in Russia and petroleum derivates' serious trading;
Investment projects in petroleum / mining industry, oilfields, gold fields in Russia acquiring?

Do not hesitate to turn to GO EST for valid assistance.

Agency of international mediation GO EST LLC
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