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Export and distribution campaign of products in Russia and the CIS


A great opportunity of organization of an export and distribution campaign through our network of commercial agents is announced: to
  • Russia
  • Ucraine
  • Kazakhstan

Are invited European producers, brands of:

export salumi

Foodstuffs of premium class (sausages, noble cheeses, confectionery and pastry, storable in the long term), other promising products potentially interesting for the Russian market.

export frutta
Fruit for the summer season: drupes
(peaches, apricots, plums), etc.

       - in big quantities for which there are
           channels of distribution available  - export ortaggi

and  fruit&vegetables  for  the  winter  season:
kiwi, tomatoes, sweet pepper, cucumbers
aubergines, zucchini etc.

Household appliances

Do you produce a high quality product potentially attractive for the Russian market with an unbeatable quality/price ratio? Make it known!

Increase your sales in Russia and the CIS!

Entrust us the presentation of your product on such immense new markets as Russian, Ukrainian and Kazakhstan taking advantage of our contacts, skills, experience, strategies and commercial tactics.

Are you ready to launch a challenging and promising campaign?
Are you able to accept the challenge and meet the demand in industrial volumes?
We assume the task to assure you the challenge!

Entering the Russian market and those of the former USSR countries without support of a local structure is too difficult and expensive. Indeed it can be estimated almost impossible.
You can benefit from our growing network of professional sales representatives, thoroughly selected to facilitate your entry into the strategic markets of Russia and the countries of the Confederation of Independent States as well as from our elaborated channels to their commercial structures.

The main requirements are:

excellent quality of the product (the possibility to demonstrate it);
best quality/price ratio;
flexibility in pricing policy and availability of discounts and dumping;
possibility of exporting in Russia and the CIS and
supplies of products in large volumes;
an ambitious Company strongly oriented to an expansion on foreign markets;
promotional marketing support;
reliability in relations of partnership and orientation to a long-term collaboration.

We reserve the right to select our business partners according to these requirements.

The offer is addressed exclusively to producers.

The remuneration of our cooperation in this project is based on commission.
Additional services can be offered to our partners, such as: the organization of promotional actions, participation in trade fairs, assistance to the State Registration and certification of the brand in Russia and the CIS, etc. These services are remunerated separately.
It is recommended the advertising of the product in Russia, Ucraine and Kazakhstan for the achievement of higher sales volumes and so in this case you can avail of the support of the GO EST Agency.

Let us do the way together beginning from the first steps to go far!

Welcome proposals of your exclusive representation in Russia and in the CIS
(the Company's official representation in Russia is an evidence of its reliability and credibility for the Russian business partners).

For many Russian companies it is important (or indispensable) that the manufacturer undertakes to deliver the goods to Russia, the producer should evaluate this option in order to increase types of clients reachable, for this purpose the GO EST Agency has established a partnership with a forwarder company(road, air transportation, shipping) – with the best experts and prices for the entire complex of services: transportation, insurance, custom clearance.

N.B. the costs of Russian companies are more advantageous compared to those European.

Please contact us sending information about products/data sheets /catalogues/Company presentation, pricelists at: info@go-est.com.

In Russia, your best assurance is having a trusted partner who can select local counterparts integrated into commercial network, allowing you to reach the secondary objective of costs' and risks’ reductions too.

GO EST: your ally on the East markets!

Your objective is:
export to Russia;
sell in Russia;
food export in Russia;
export fruit to Russia;
export vegetables to Russia;
export household appliances;
fruit distribution in Russia;
food market in Russia;
fruit market in Russia?
Looking for:
food importers in Russia;
fruit importers in Russia;
vegetables importers in Russia;
fruit import in Russia;
food distributors in Russia;
fruit distributors in Russia;
vegetable distributors in Russia;
commercial agents in Russia;
sales representatives in Russia?

The best solution is: GO EST!

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