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GO EST S.r.l. is a consulting business intermediation agency whose activities are dedicated to foreign companies aiming to boost their international operations and investments, increase profits dealing and trading with Russia, CIS and former USSR countries.
It provides promotion of foreign businesses and goods in Russia and vice versa, integration into the Russian business community, selected opportunities to invest in highly profitable assets and business projects in Russia, carrying out the governmental policy of attracting foreign investments to the Russian economy.

Capital investment in Russian Federation

Modern Russia being an area of booming commerce clearly demonstrates significant opportunities for foreign entrepreneurs. GO EST professional team encourages a foreign company's expansion to the area: opens a gate to the capacious markets of Russia & CIS, setting up an effective presence by implementing of a correct local oriented business strategy. Bilateral international trade processes between the CIS states and other nations are very profitable, either for participants or for investors.

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We work for you to make your business in Russia secure and prosperous

GO EST Agency relies upon a range of partners in Russia and worldwide to identify and introduce promising opportunities. Developing business processes and connecting counterparts it builds trust and strong business relations pulling down language and mentality barriers.

GO EST figures a real physical link between commercial and Russian official and state structures, fully engaged with the Russian business community.

Strong Russian companies entrust to GO EST representation on foreign markets, committing their products’ promotion. We are proud to advantage the World expansion of excellent Russian products and commodities.

Representing Russian companies interested in international cooperation GO EST disposes of your possible business partners’ portfolio.

The core sectors of activity are:
petroleum sector;
investment consulting.

Trusted agencies (legal, marketing, Public and Government Relations, web design, real estate, etc.) are drawn when necessary in order to provide a 360º extended personalized service.

Whether you have a clear vision of your business in Russia/a project to implement or just wondering about Russia’s great possibilities to profit by in your business, do turn to us to select the sector and identify the way and strategy, let us help your success!

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