international business intermediation agency

consulting, brokerage, trading, marketing, representation

The GO EST's mission: to boost the development of business relations between foreign and Russian companies. GO EST is an occasion for enterprises targeted at international expansion, intended to take part in promising projects.

GO EST: your point of reference in the heart of Russia

To succeed in a modern global context it is indispensable to assume an international role on new vast markets. Pursuing this goal an ambitious company elaborates an effective strategy basing on the country's business peculiarities, taking advantage of local professionals' ability. GO EST undertakes the important function becoming its support in Russia.

The agency renders services to foreign companies, fostering their activities and entrepreneurial initiatives in Russian business reality, assisting in starting up and consolidation process, providing instruments and measures that allow them to obtain strategic positions and significant advantages over competitors:
all types of business support on the territory of Russian Federation and CIS countries.
Agency services in raw materials' sourcing and supplying (read more: Trading).

GO EST serves a bridge between Russian and Western (Eastern) counterparts: commercial, official and state structures and organizations.

GO EST provides businesses' and goods’ international promotion to Russian promising companies. Such bilateral activity allows us to catch, match and integrate best business opportunities.

The Agency GO EST is at your service for:

promotion of foreign business in Russia and Russian business worldwide; development of commercial relations; foreign-economic activity assistance; investments solutions in Russia and Europe; particularly:

  • business consulting, project management in Russia;
  • coordination of corporate management in Russia ;
  • investment consulting:
    • ~ identifying investment opportunities in Russia & CIS;
    • ~ representation of highly profitable investment projects/assets in Russia;
    • ~ integration of foreign investors to the Russian business community;
    • ~ deal sourcing/matchmaking /business partner/investor search for foreign start up projects to be implemented on the Russian territory;
  • financing consulting:
    • ~ attracting financing at privileged conditions to investment projects to be implemented on the Russian territory;
  • state registration of companies in Russia, establishment of Trade Representation/Branch Office in Russia;
  • assistance in setting up of the legal and juridical base;
  • assistance in purchasing raw materials in Russia, import/export activity
    (read more: Commodities Russia);
  • certification in Russia facilitation;
  • event organization: B2B meetings, entrepreneurial missions, etc.;
  • promotional activities: advertising campaigns in Russia, participation in trade shows in Russia;
  • internet promotion: creation and management of a Russian website, its positioning on the main Russian search engines;
  • foreign administration services/ foreign office in Russia/personal assistance;
  • interpreting and translation in programs' context (English/Russian/ Italian).

Feel free to turn to us to know more and request eventual other services not mentioned.
We shall be glad to elaborate a tailor made service pack for you!

Agency of international mediation GO EST LLC
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